Social and business etiquette

Would you like to refresh the basic code of etiquette? Aren’t you sure who should climb the stairs first - man or a woman? What is the correct seating plan at the table? Then we have a seminar just for you. The topics covered are Etiquette, Protocol, Banqueting, Image and style. We can also advise you what to wear when your invitation states “dress code: black tie”. We can also teach you how to eat snails, converse at a cocktail party and move in high society.

The seminar is aimed at:

Odrážka Managers and senior employees of Czech and international companies
Odrážka Employees of state departments and diplomats
Odrážka Secretariat employees and office managers
Odrážka Anybody who would like to learn the basic rules of social etiquette

The participant will learn:

Odrážka The rules of social etiquette
Odrážka The rules of diplomatic and business protocol
Odrážka Correct presentation and communication

Each seminar contains the following blocks:

Odrážka Social etiquette and communication
Odrážka Banqueting and its protocol
Odrážka Style and Image
Odrážka Business etiquette and communication
Odrážka Organisation of the secretariat


The price also includes a welcome drink. It is also possible to book a lunch with the practical demonstration of banqueting. The price is 1,300 CZK per person and includes a glass of wine.

The seminar application can be found here

The basic information about the seminar

The standard length of the seminar “Etiquette or how to deal with it” is about 8 hours. It is possible to have the length tailor-made to suit the client’s needs -from 4 hours up to two days.
The seminars combine lectures, practical demonstrations, role plays and exercises. There is also time for questions and discussions.
The seminar is popular with middle and upper management, personal assistants, secretaries and office managers. The ideal group size is 6 – 20.

Social Etiquette

This section contains the rules of greeting, introduction, handshaking, using titles, showing respect, order of seniority at various functions, conversation, and also covers smoking and choosing/giving gifts.

Business Etiquette

This section focuses on business meetings, their arrangement and format, use of business cards, the choice and type of communication, the rules of business correspondence, and individual subtle differences. The next chapter focuses on foreign business trips, the rules of international business protocol, how to arrange a foreign business trip and communication with international institutions.


The Protocol contains planning and staging of social events, invitations and seating plans.

The basic rules of banqueting

The banqueting section is taken from a purely practical angle. It starts with a welcoming cocktail. There is a practical demonstration of specific meals like eating snails, peeling of prawns, quartering of a lobster, using chopsticks etc. You will be taught how to differentiate between aperitifs and digestives, there is also a practical demonstration of cigar preparation. This is followed by a celebratory 5 course lunch or dinner where you discuss setting the table, composing the menu, individual courses, conversation and manners, and choosing the right wine with the meal.

Image and Style

This section starts with analysis of how you perceive yourself. It looks at differences in positions at work, their image, company image, colours, and physical proportions. It also recommends the ideal composition of your wardrobe, how to look after your body and also touches upon the style of your partner.
After attending the seminar you will feel confident at any social event – be it a business dinner or a reception to mark the arrival of the English Queen. This is guaranteed by the vast knowledge and experience of our lecturers. Our services are used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic or students of the Diplomatic Academy to name a few.


Alliance Unichem CZ
Aspekt Kilcullen
Czech Medical Chamber
Czech National Bank
Czech Telecom
Securities Commission
Komercni Banka
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Diplomatic Academy MZV
Czech Ministry of Interior
“Tanec Praha”
Philip Morris

CV – Lucie Pilipova

Ing Lucie Pilipova is the senior lecturer. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Prague specialising in international relations and foreign trade, she continued studying international relations and journalism at the Madrid Universidad Complutense. Afterwards she worked as a Central European correspondent for Antena 3. A year later she became a home correspondent for the Czech TV. In 1992 – 1994 she worked as a director of press office and a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. As an Executive Director of Bohemia Foundation she promoted the name of Czech Republic abroad and she obtained support for the foreign investment in the Czech Republic through staging of important international conferences and seminars. In 1998 she founded “Via Perfecta” – an event management company that focuses on staging high level cultural, social and diplomatic meetings and conferences. For the past ten years, Lucie has been working as a specialist lecturer in Protocol, Etiquette and Communication. The clients include Diplomatic Academy MZV CR, the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and other important corporate clients. Lucie is fluent in 5 foreign languages.

For more information about the seminar, contact us on this address:

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